Education & Justice Motivation Presentation (Let's Rewrite the School-to-Prison Pipeline)

Co-founder Executive Director and Juvenile Justice Expert Debra Mares (Postil) offers a trauma-informed, educational and justice-minded motivational presentation Let's Rewrite the School-to-Prison Pipeline featured on TEDx. Debra combines poetry with speaking to inspire your educators, justice professionals, youth providers, students and families at your event.  Her presentation is appropriate for general audiences, school assemblies, program graduations, staff trainings and can be tailored for students, parents & professionals in the criminal justice, education and mental health professions. 
Debra takes the audience back to her own humorous yet heartfelt experience being pushed out of school, what motivated her to get back on track, and achieve what statistics showed she wouldn't. Debra shares how she and Women Wonder Writers use their pens today to help students overcome trauma, become resilient and support education, mental health and juvenile justice systems in rewriting America's school-to-prison pipeline crisis*.  
Debra's thought provoking presentation will leave any audience member asking how they can help schools stop the “cascade of effects that occur when children are pushed out of schools and into the juvenile justice system.”* If you knew her story, you would not put her in prison!

Contact for more information and pricing. All presentation proceeds benefit mentoring programs for at-risk youth. 

*Attorney General’s 2015 Report on California’s Elementary School Truancy & Absenteeism Crisis.

Poetry Workshops

"One person can, has and will make a difference. Never underestimate the power of one!"...WWW

  Contact Debra Postil for more information and pricing. All proceeds benefit mentoring programs for at-risk youth. Thank you!

Women Wonder Writers provides poetry writing workshops and publication to enhance your event, conference, or classroom experience. Students will write poetry alongside a professional writer, to be published in an anthology for each student to take home. Writing workshops help build student engagement and school climate and make your event one to remember. Contact Debra Postil for more information and pricing. All proceeds benefit mentoring programs for at-risk youth. ”

Children's Book Reading

Co-Founding Executive Director Debra Mares (Postil) offers author readings at your fair, event or class for It's This Monkey's Business, a children's book for ages 4-8 years old.  This reading is intended for groups wishing to bring awareness to domestic violence generally to children and families or for children groups whose parents decide to separate or divorce as a result of a domestic dispute, but plan to stay active and involved in their child's life. The reading will share the main character Cabana's story to help children learn what domestic violence looks like, the emotions triggered, how family life will change, and understand that the abuse is not their fault. Cabana's story also will deliver the message that single-parent families can thrive. Contact for booking and pricing. All proceeds from book readings and sales benefit mentoring programs for at-risk youth.