The Write of Your L!fe℠ is a 12-week program designed to build resiliency through critical thinking, empathy & expression for young women in middle and high school faced with adversity. This cultural arts mentoring program provides youth the opportunity to express themselves creatively through journaling, poetry writing, visual arts, team building, and public speaking.  WWW provides trained, caring and supportive instructors throughout Riverside County to partner sites.  WWW welcomes outside county sites to implement The Write of Your L!fe℠ by their own teachers, staff and champions. WWW provides training, instructor manuals and student workbooks to support remote sites. For more information on learning outcomes and training, CLICK HERE. Contact Debra@WomenWonderWriters for an in-depth presentation of WWW and its programs available to you.

Youth Court Case Management

WWW provides consulting, program management and case management to support start-up or existing youth/student courts, which are collaborative results-based peer-to-peer intervention/prevention programs, designed to provide: 1) An alternative response for school suspensions for high-risk youth with school/site-based behavioral and delinquency problems and/or; 2) An alternative response for the Juvenile Justice System for first-time, school-based, non-violent, misdemeanor, infraction, and incidents for juvenile respondents.

Community youth determine the appropriate consequences for the respondent. The program holds youthful respondents accountable and provides educational, life skills & enrichment services to respondents and youth volunteers in an effort to promote long-term behavioral change that leads to enhanced school safety and academic excellence.  Contact for an in-depth presentation of available services.

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