Publish Student Writings in an Anthology Keepsake

"When youth had the opportunity to showcase their provided them with a greater sense of pride and accomplishment...broadened the context of their work...rewarded them for their hard work and dedication...gave them the opportunity to have meaningful connections in their communities."

~ Miller, J., & Rowe, W. S. (2009).
Cracking the black box: What makes an arts intervention program work?
Best Practices In Mental Health: An International Journal, 5(1), 52-64. 

anthology book cover samples

WWW offers partnering sites with publishing support, including layout, cover design, publishing and printing and shipping of anthologies containing student writings completed during The Write of Your L!fe program.  Students can take home anthology keepsakes, host a fundraiser or book reading to showcase their hard work! Click HERE to download a "REQUEST FOR PUBLISHING FORM", complete it and email it to Publishing Director Debra Postil for pricing and further directions at or complete the form below.

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